1972 time capsule unearthed in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — A piece of Jackson history was unearthed on Wednesday.

The Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial held a ceremony in Muse Park to dig up a time capsule from 50 years ago.

The time capsule was buried in 1972 during the sesquicentennial. It will now be opened.

Digging out the capsule took longer than originally anticipated due to the large size of the capsule.

Attendees that were there, as well as those with relatives that were in that very spot 50 years ago, attended the ceremony.

They say they are not sure what is in the capsule, but they are excited to be apart of such a historic moment.

“We are blessed to be here, and I am looking forward now to making a deposit into this year’s time capsule for 50 more years,” said Don Thomson, who watched it get buried.

“To be able to go back and see a snapshot in time from 50 years ago, see what they were thinking, what is important to them, and it is just so historic,” said Elaine Christian, Chair of the Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Commission.

“Excited to have something that he left behind for us because he is no longer here. It is kind of sad, but exciting all at the same time,” said Cecelia Davidson, whose grandparent attended the burial 50 years ago.

The capsule has been taken to Jackson State Community College, where it will be opened.

The contents will be preserved and displayed at City Hall on Monday.

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