First class of local high school celebrates milestone

JACKSON, Tenn.– This class is celebrating its golden jubilee and they wanted to celebrate together.

“We were the class that started JCM and everything like Early College High, Madison came out of JCM, all the colors came out of JCM everything that dealt with JCM came out of the class of ’71,” said Abner Miller, Chairman of the Class of 1971 reunion.

The first graduating class of Jackson Central-Merry, the Class of 1971 is celebrating its 50th class reunion bringing former classmates from outside Jackson.

“I’ve been in Florida ever since I was about 22, I left here, so I don’t get to see my friends very often, by receiving the education and the training that I had and the friendships that I had in Jackson, Tennessee, it allowed me to go on to other places,” said Verda Merriweather Farrow, graduate of the JCM Class of 1971.


As well as from the Hub City.

“Although a lot of us are still here in the city, we don’t get to see each other often and coming together like this is just an opportunity for us to get together and enjoy each other,” said Tarstein Thacker, graduate of the JCM Class of 1971.

The reunion was supposed to happen last year but they had to postpone it due to COVID-19, sadly, taking some of the classmates with it.

“We’ve lost classmates and other friends and our classmates’ brothers and sisters or relatives that have passed on because of this pandemic so it’s wonderful to be here,” said Robbie Newbill Smith, graduate of the JCM Class of 1971.

One graduate says she feels lucky to be able to see her former classmates.

“It’s a blessing that we’re still here and we’re still trying to have these class reunions and it’s going on,” said Edna Phelps, graduate of the JCM Class of 1971.

The next Jackson Central-Merry class reunion is scheduled for 2027.

If you are a part of the class and would like to stay updated with your classmates, click here.

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