Group raises awareness for cancer genetic testing

JACKSON, Tenn. — The month of June is recognized as National Cancer Survivors Month.

It’s a time to celebrate for more than 16 million Americans.

“This month is important to me because we are celebrating women and men who have survived and conquered cancer. I consider every day a day to celebrate survivor-ship,” said Lyndsey Levingston, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019.

Thanks to testing, she was able to begin her fight early.

“So for me I took a genetic test when I learned later on that there is family history of breast cancer. It runs rampant. I think I am the 14th female to have been diagnosed with breast cancer. And so the genetic test informed my treatment plan after I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Levingston said.

She was declared cancer-free by a doctor in February of 2020.

She has worked to make the subject of cancer more profound across the country by starting her non-profit called SurviveHER. 

Her goal is to inform and inspire those at-risk to prioritize their health and wellness beyond the month of October.

She says one way you can do that is by scheduling an appointment for genetic testing. And the earlier you can test, the better.

“Schedule it today. Don’t wait. Because the sooner that you can get that information and results from Invitae, the sooner you can talk to your doctor about the appropriate next steps, preventative, life-saving measures to extend your lifespan. That’s ultimately what it’s about,” Levingston said.

The genetic testing uses saliva to conduct a panel of information about your DNA to see if you are predisposed to any cancers, chronic illnesses, or diseases.

If you want to find more information about how you can be prepared in your own body, you can visit her website at

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