Highway 70 Yard Sale kicks off, bringing deals all across West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — The biggest yard sale in West Tennessee is back!

“We’re having a big yard sale, we need loads and loads of people to come out, all kinds of stuff for kids, for adults, just to have some fun,” said Lenda Williams.

Many vendors are lining up tents along Highway 70 for the 19th annual yard sale.

Deal seekers from all over the country are making several stops along the highway to reach the same goal.

“We’re trying to make a little money and we’re trying to spend a little bit of money,” said Tommy McEwen.

10-year vendor Charles Harris sets up his sale on Quiet Dale Drive and says the sales get bigger every year. He says the more people he meets, the more fun.

“You meet all kinds of people and it just, you know, haggling with them. It’s just, you know, it’s just part of the fun of it,” Harris said.

Customers of all ages are able to find something they love, thanks to the vendors’ wide variety of items and good prices!

“I don’t think people have near the money they had last year,” said Williams. “I think things are hard for everybody. So we got, you know, not real high prices and things like that.”

“I still sell yard sale prices,” Harris said. “A lot of people try to make a commercial business out of it. I don’t, I sell it. If I got it here, I want to sell it.”

Parked cars lined the highway Thursday morning when the sale kicked off, and vendors expect even more visitors when the weekend begins.

“I’d love to not have one thing to take back, not to have to bag up and take it back,” said Williams.

The Highway 70 Yard Sale will continue through Saturday, June 11.

You can visit the official Facebook group for more information or click here to view a map of the sale.

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