Organizations unite to fight gun violence

JACKSON, Tenn. –One national group is bringing awareness to a major issue.

“We all want to do at least a little bit, however much we can, to help get sane gun regulation in the United States and also locally,” said Margaret Spires, organizer Jackson Chapter of Moms Demand Action.

The Jackson Chapter of Moms Demand Action, along with other organizations, held a march to help bring awareness to gun violence.

“Citizens who might not necessarily want gun control, think about regulations that we can do, that we can enact, which will help reduce gun violence,” Spires said.

Spires says there’s ways for those that oppose and are in favor of gun regulations to come together.

“Background checks, extreme risk laws, community development in our poorest and most vulnerable communities so that we have hope in those communities,” Spires said.

One local ambassador says students shouldn’t feel scared when going to school.

“Students shouldn’t have to be afraid to do in-person classes and shouldn’t have to worry about being the next article line,” said Matt Azbill, Ambassador, Do the Right Thing.

Azbill says gun violence has a huge impact in people’s lives.

“These are real lives that are being lost and real communities that are being heavily impacted by this,” Azbill said.

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