Contents of Muse Park time capsule on display

JACKSON, Tenn. — If you’re looking to see a piece of history, you’re in luck.

“We are finally unveiling the contents of the time capsule that we excavated June 1. It took us a little longer than what we anticipated to get this display up and running because the burial vault that was used as the time capsule in ’72 was compromised and became full of water,” said Trey Cleek, the Chairman of the Time Capsule Committee.

The Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Committee displayed at City Hall what could be saved from the sesquicentennial time capsule.

“We’ve got a wide cross section. There’s representation. We were able to salvage from civic group, from youth organizations, from local business and industry. So there’s a lot of cool stuff in there and also some of the stuff developed to celebrate the sesquicentennial,” Cleek said.

Cleek says for the bicentennial time capsule, they have also found other things.

“We have found reel to reel audio reels, and there were some cassette tapes in the time capsule as well. They have been sent to professionals of the department of music in Middle Tennessee State University, and they are helping us. And so far, they have been able to recover some audio recordings from the radio station WTJS,” Cleek said.

He says they are looking for ways to help the contents stay safe and dry.

“Our time capsule will be made of stainless steel, which is a product that will prevent water. Argon is the best choice for us to fill that capsule with to preserve any documents. We’ve looked into newer technologies, such as polyethylene,” Cleek said.

The time capsule artifacts will be on display at Jackson City Hall until Aug. 15.

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