City of Jackson approves FY 2023 budget

JACKSON, Tenn. —  Tuesday morning, the Jackson City Council met for a special called meeting and approved the fiscal year 2023 budget on second reading.

In early spring, the council approved a salary compensation study to make the city’s pay more competitive.

The consultant will present suggested salaries at the July 5 council meeting. However, in the passed budget, they went ahead and approved a “not to exceed amount” line item.

“The budget line that we have in there is a not to exceed amount. And so once he makes the presentation, which is I think 1.9 million for salaries 500,000 and some change, I think for benefits not to exceed two and a half million altogether for all of our employees. And so once he makes that presentation, what the council will do if they approve that plan, they’ll make a motion vote to disseminate those dollars to the departments for the salaries, and the benefits correspond with the salaries,” said Jackson Mayor Scott Conger.

In the next fiscal year, the city will benefit from the almost $7 million remaining from the American Rescue Plan funds. These funds can be used to cover capital expenses.

“The American Rescue Plans are very separate from our operating budget. So our operating budgets are at $83 million. The American Rescue Plan budget is a totally separate bucket and totally separate accountable bucket that we report on every month,” Conger said.

Conger says highlights of the budget include paying debt down, no increase in property taxes, and covering capital expenses in the operating budget without increasing taxes or incurring debt.

“We’ve done a very good job and have gotten very skilled at planning for the unknown and the unforeseen, and we get better at our process every year. And so I think that our council, especially our finance department, our department heads can handle anything that gets thrown at us. We came through COVID and record inflation,” Conger said.

The next step is to send the budget to get approved by the Comptroller’s Office.

“We have to get that done by June 30. Send it to them, they’ll review it, send it back to us. If it’s an acceptable budget, then we will move into next fiscal year,” Conger said.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for July 5.

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