Attic sale turns something old into something new

JACKSON, Tenn. –One local group is giving people the opportunity to hang up some new art.

The Friends of the Library hosted Arts from the Attic, an art sale full of donated items.

The sale had a variety of paintings, along with some books, antique items and more.

This event was the kick off for the group’s summer reading program for children and adults.

The group’s purpose is to assist the library with programming.

So much of today’s profit will be donated to expand programming like bringing in poets, authors and more.

“People don’t realize that a library can not keep things an indefinite amount of time because of space and the amount of new materials that come out, so these were in the basement and we brought them out and sold them,” said Wanda Scanlon, President-Elect, Friends of the Library.

Group members say this will probably be the first and last art sale.

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