Organization hosts Hub City summer BBQ event

JACKSON, Tenn. — It’s summer time and you know what that means — time for a good old fashion BBQ, and many residents traveled to the West Tennessee Farmers Market to have a taste of what’s on the grill.

The Jackson Entrepreneurs Group hosted their first BBQ Festival right in the heart of the Hub City.

“We’re going to do this every year. Hopefully, every year will be bigger, we may even out grow the Farmers Market. That’s the initial goal, for all of us to do something in our hometown, something positive where people can come out and just have a great time,” said Ebony Nichols, Co-founder, Jackson Entrepreneur Group.

There are five teams competing for a grand prize of $500 dollars. Along with tasty BBQ, visitors had the chance to check out multiple small businesses from around the community.

“To come from doing something once a month, the fourth Saturday of the month and you know having a few spots here and there, barely filling anything up, to having a full house that’s like an amazing feeling,” Nichols said.

What makes a good BBQ Festival… obviously… the food, but there are specific parts of the BBQ that some visitors are looking for.

“The sauce and the smokiness, the bark, so the outside meat a little crunchy with all the flavor in it, ” said Jon Dawson, festival attendee.

“You’re looking for a nice crust on the outside and then when you pull it back, you got a little of that red pinkish on the topside of the meat,” said Michael Coth, festival attendee.

Whether you like a nice crust or meat that falls off the bone. Some say West Tennessee arguably might have some of the best BBQ spots.

“We came from California and we had Chicago for ribs and Tony Romans, so it was corporate BBQ and it was not good. There is a guy out on Hollywood Drive who smokes on the weekend and you got all these places around here. Those are the best places to go,” Coth said.

The festival had a great turn out. The Jackson Entrepreneur Group plans to host another BBQ Festival in Nashville on July 30.

And that festival will take place at Hadley Park in Nashville.

To learn more about the Jackson Entrepreneurs Group, click here.

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