Grave of Revolutionary War veteran cleaned up

MARTIN, Tenn. — Members of the community gathered along Pair Road in Martin to remember a war veteran from nearly 200 years ago on Sunday.

“Previously there was another man named Mike Thompson who took care of this cemetery, and he has since passed. And the cemetery seemed to get overgrown, so we took it as a group, Northwest Tennessee Eagle Riders, to be sure that this Revolutionary War veteran’s grave was honored,” said Randy Edwards,

Daniel Baldridge was born in Pennsylvania. However, by a land grant for his service in the war, he received 654 acres of land in Weakley County.

“We came in, we cleaned it up. And of course it’s right off the Bypass, and it’s obvious where it’s at, and it needs to be seen. We installed a sign that says this is the home of Daniel Baldridge, Revolutionary War veteran. We also installed a flag pole that has a light on it, where it can also be seen at night. So we just kind of brought it back to life,” Edwards said.

The Revolutionary War started in 1775, lasting just over seven years. Now more than 200 years later, many reflect and remember those who fought for most of ours freedoms today.

“The first time they die is on the field of battle or of natural causes. The second time die is when we forget them and forget to honor them. So we tried not to forget our veterans. That’s who gave us our freedom, and we need to be very proud of them,” Edwards said.

The monument and resting place of Baldridge is located in martin off of the Paris Road exit. Anyone can visit and pay their respects.

“Giving it back is what we have to do. It is what is required of us because the dedication that these veterans made to us, they did give us our freedom. Like I said, it’s a small percentage of the population and it has been forever,” said Jackie Laird, the Director of the Northwest Tennessee Eagle Riders.

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