Sen. Bill Hagerty visits West Tennessee farm

MCKENZIE, Tenn. — Sen. Bill Hagerty visited R & R Farms in McKenzie to speak with local farmers about concerns in the farming community, and its affects on agriculture.

Farmers from across the county joined Hagerty in the conversation of agriculture in the current economy. A few concerns that were raised was the cost of diesel fuel prices, shortage of fertilizers and part availability.

Hagerty says agriculture is the backbone of our economy.

“Our farmers are doing everything they can to deliver for the American public, and frankly to be in a position to export. But we’ve got drought drought situations in America right now, we’ve got dislocations around the world thanks to the war in Ukraine. And all of this reeling into much higher prices at the super market right now. And the American public is feeling it everyday,” Hagerty said.

The next stop for Hagerty is Dyersburg.

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