Firework sellers prep for ‘explosive’ weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many are preparing for an explosive weekend coming up, but what can you expect in terms of fireworks sales this holiday weekend?

The start date for fireworks sales began last Monday.

Leaders with some fireworks businesses are saying sales are already off to a good start, and they’re hoping to match the record sales they saw in 2021.

“It has been really good. Last year was the best year we’ve ever had, and we’re just about on pace for that,” said Derrick Knowles, the owner of Kid Dynamite Fireworks.

“Well we are the only tent in the area in Trenton. So they’ve been good. Better than last year,” said Christopher Skelton, the manager of Crazy K Fireworks.

And while supply and demand was an issue last year, leading to increased prices, inflation may try to extinguish sales this year. But business leaders say they are trying to make them as affordable as possible.

“We do a buy one get one free on some select items, but due to inflation on a lot of things, cargo from China to here is a lot. So we don’t have as many as we used to,” Skelton said.

If you’re looking to spend big or stay frugal, they say there’s a deal out here for everyone.

“We’ve got things for as little as 49 cents, buy one get one free,” Knowles said. “We had a package in here the other day that sold for $1,400.”

If you want to stay old school, there are still many options to choose from for a good show.

“There’s two ways to go about it with fireworks, that’s what I tell everyone that comes in here. We have artillery shells that you can load yourself, then you have these cases that are big and you light them and they up and put a good show on,” Skelton said.

Or if you’re looking for something to wow your guests, some newer items are on the market this year.

“The ignite firing system, you can actually watch the show instead of running around with the torch. You can set your fireworks off with your phone, design a show, play with music. We tried it out last night. It was really good,” Knowles said.

Either way, they recommend coming early to avoid empty shelves.

“Come early because we have sold out the last few years. And on the 4th, our shelves get pretty bare,” Skelton said.

Remember to check with your local fire department to know the rules and regulations regarding fireworks in your area. You can read more here.

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