Gas giveaway hosted by local church near downtown Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church finds ways to help out their community one tank at a time.

“They didn’t have to do it, so I feel grateful,” said Jackson resident Laranda Murrell.

With no relief in sight for pain at the pump, St. James Missionary Baptist is doing what they can to help with those costs.

“We have given out $3,500 worth of gas, about 160 cars,” said Pastor Ernest Polk. “We know that there is so much going on in our world. We just wanted to be able to give back, give a portion back what God has given to us.”

Sequia Miller says when she heard about the giveaway, she was grateful for the community help.

“I thought that it was awesome that people are reaching out to help us, because a lot of us are struggling,” Miller said. “There are people that are running out of gas, there are people that are taking $70 to $80 dollars and just putting it on a half. I think that this is a good thing.”

And just like thousands of others, Miller says one free tank will go a long way.

“Probably about $30 dollars in here and that would put me at half,” said Miller. “Now I have to put $60 in there and that only takes me to a half. That’s not good. A lot of us prayed about that, help with gas, getting back and forth, so yeah it is a great thing.”

Laranda Murrell says her fuel guage is below the “E” mark, and getting this free gift means a lot.

“Gas prices keep rising, minimum wage is like, there are certain jobs that go up on their pay and the other jobs just stay at the minimum wage, so it is a struggle right now. I feel grateful that they are trying to help in any way,” Murrell said.

Pastor Polk says they hope that this free gift can lighten the financial load for as many Jackson residents as possible.

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