Lack of suitable technology fuels worker resignation, experts say

JACKSON, Tenn. — If you’ve had a hard day on the job, dealing with troubleshooting and technical difficulties at work may be the last thing you want to do.

Courtesy: Ivanti

As companies dig deep to keep employees happy and productive, experts are explaining how technology can directly impact workers’ morale.

A new survey from IT software company Ivanti has revealed that 49% of employees are frustrated by a lack of suitable technology at work and 26% are considering leaving their job because of it.

“What do employees want? They want flexibility, they want seamless, they want… they don’t want to see when something is updating or something needs replacing,” said Ivanti Vice President David Shepherd. “Those things just need to happen, needs to be proactive.”

Shepherd says that companies can benefit from using automated platforms such as Ivanti Neurons, which can provide IT teams with quicker and more efficient solutions.

Nick Bloom, Professor of Economics at Stanford University, adds that as working from home becomes more common, it’s a critical time to keep networks secure and connectivity strong.

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