Organization works to bring awareness to PTSD in first responders

JACKSON, Tenn. — In honor of PTSD Awareness Month, an organization is bringing awareness to PTSD in first responders.

The national nonprofit called Code 9 Project helps first responders, military, and their families navigate through PTSD.

The project has a specialized trauma debriefing team that helps those with high stress and traumatic occupations cope with everyday situations.

Code 9 Project President Brandielee Baker says along with breathing and grounding techniques, the program teaches individuals about the nervous system and how it can be affected by those high-stress situations.

She says those on the front lines tend to keep it in until the last minute.

“You’re not alone. Keeping it close to yourself until you can’t handle it anymore is not the solution. The solution is to reach out beforehand. We implore you to reach out and inquire about our training,” Baker said.

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