Sea of Lights held for first responder

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. – A Sea of Lights was held for a first responder who served those in Crockett and Gibson counties and died unexpectedly in late June.

First responders from the Jackson area, Humboldt, to Dyer and Hardin counties took part in the procession for Randy Jones on Thursday.

“I’m standing amazed,” said Linda Jones, the wife of Randy Jones, about the turnout from around West Tennessee.

The Sea of Lights began at the Crockett County High School, went by the Humboldt Area Rescue Squad, and ended at the Humboldt High School. 

At the end of the procession, those who knew him talked about his life.

“He has taught us so much in leadership and being true to each other and taking care of so many sick people. I mean we could just go on and on and on. He just told us to be equal to everyone in mankind,” said Jerry Privitt, who worked with Randy Jones. “He was with me almost 30 years in the Rescue Squad, but to see all the posts from anybody and everybody that he has touched and to his family, all the pictures and videos, he was just an amazing man.”

“And as a husband and wife team, that’s what we were, a team. He loved me with all his heart. I never had a doubt as much as I loved him. As he loved his fellow man, as he loved his team members, as he loved that he worked with,” Linda Jones said.

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