Build a Boat race held at Kentucky Lake

CAMDEN, Tenn. — Many people hit the waters this weekend for the holiday, but some were riding those waves in a different way.

Birdsong Marina held their Build a Boat races on the Kentucky Lake on Sunday. The rules were simple.

The boat had to be made out of things around the house and not from a kit, and each participant had to race 50 yards to win the gold.

Some had boats made out of pool noodles, cardboard, plastic tubs, and anything that would help them stay afloat. However, there could only be one winner.

The boat that was able to stay afloat the longest and cross the finish line was A Cow Trophe!

“It was part of a four-day celebration called Boom, Red, White and Benton County. So it’s all about Benton County. And here we are here on the beautiful Kentucky Lake and it’s a festive time,” said Bob Keast, the owner of the Birdsong Marina.

The celebration continued until Saturday, with live bands and a one hour firework show.

You can follow the Birdsong Marina on Facebook.

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