Madison County residents receive assessment change notice

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn . — If you’re a Madison County resident, you probably received a notice over the past few days, notifying you that the assessed value or classification of your property has changed.

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“By Tennessee law all counties are to do a reappraisal every four to six years. Back in 2018 was our last reappraisal and we signed up at that time to do a reappraisal in four years, so now we’re putting out the results of that,” says Madison County Assessor of Property Frances Hunley.

Home sales have been high in the last two years. Many residents wonder why there’s such a large increase in just one year, some even seeing increases up to 70%. 

 “All of our sales are taken from 2021 because our values are as of January the 1st of the tax year which is 2022, so we have seen sales continue to increase in 2022 but those sales were not used, just the ones in 2021,” says Hunley.

The notice gives residents from July 1 to 8 to contest the changes. These notices and dates were sent out by the state  leaving homeowners only a few days to contest.

“The goal was to get all the reviews. The informal reviews are what we call them, done as quickly as possible. Because the county board is going to start meeting on July 18th and so we have to have time to make any changes,” Hunley says.

Residents as well as officials say they haven’t seen an increase like this before, with assessed value increasing, that means property taxes will increase as well. However, the assessor’s office duty is to make sure who owns what and what the value of the property is.

“My intention is to hear everybody, the 8th is this Friday so next week I’m sure we’ll be taking peoples questions and everything and so I don’t know how long that will take I don’t know how long the county board is going to have to meet but its my intention that everybody gets their chance to be heard,” says Hunley.

If you have concerns regarding the notice, you can still call or email the assessors office after July 8 at 731-423-6063. You can also email the Madison Count y Property Assessors Office at

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