How to get the summer essentials delivered

JACKSON, Tenn. — What do you do if you forgot one of your summer essentials while out with friends or family?

“The average American has to go home and retrieve an item that they’ve forgotten about like four times a month. And for me, it feels like four times a day. So instead of stressing about forgetting the sunscreen or the goggles, your kids or their floaties, I say go to DoorDash,” said Ereka Vetrini, the host of  Lifetime’s Access Health.

DoorDash is known as a food delivery service, but in addition to that, they have partnered with Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS to offer a huge selection of summer essentials.

“They are your one stop shop for anything that you might have forgotten or may need. Like I said, anything from chips and salsa, to ice cream, water, juices, sunscreen. They have it all,” Vetrini said.

Plus you can save time or money as a DashPass member. You can get free delivery for any order over $12.

“There’s a ton of great discounts and savings across all categories like restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, all for being a DashPass member,” Vetrini said.

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