City to temporarily close West Lafayette at Airways connection

JACKSON, Tenn. — It’s called “tactical urbanism,” and Jackson is using it. The city announced on Thursday it is trying something new.

“You’ll see on the map here, the end of Lafayette, where it meets Airways, will be closed,” said Mayor Scott Conger.

The temporary closure starts on July 22 and is part of a tactical urbanism project.

The idea is to try out short-term, low cost projects that could potentially become permanent additions to the city if residents benefit.

This project will produce over 29 new parking spaces along West Lafayette and nearby. Conger says the goal is to provide better access for pedestrians downtown.

“The events that go on at the Amp, the Farmers Market, the businesses that are popping up around the area, Jackson Walk, we thought what better time to try a tactical urbanism project than now,” Conger said.

The closure will only last until the end of summer. Conger says they will be measuring how beneficial the project will be for residents. If beneficial, the project might stay long-term.

“More walk-ability, more parking spaces. If you drive downtown, especially in that area on Saturday mornings, parking wherever. We can fit more cars into the park, bring more people downtown, and have the feeling of more safety,” Conger said.

Conger says Jacksonians can get in on tactical urbanism by filling out an application for your ideas.

“On our website, you can go to tactical urbanism tab, submit a plan to the engineering office. We will partner with you for a low cost design, low cost plan to see if it works. To beautify the neighborhood, to change traffic patterns, to slow traffic, to provide more pedestrian friendly areas,” Conger said.

You can find examples on the City of Jackson website to see how your idea might be able to come to life.

The main street intersection with Airways Boulevard will not be closed and will be available to drive through.

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