Help sought for local foster children as new school year approaches

JACKSON, Tenn. — Right now, there are 73 children in foster care in Madison County. These children entered foster care through no fault of their own, and with the new school year approaching, the Madison County Foster Parent Association is asking for your help.

“They haven’t done anything wrong but their parents, the very people who are supposed to keep them safe, have not done that,” said Renae Adelsberger, President of the Madison County Foster Parent Association. “So these children have entered foster care quite often with only the clothes on their back. So right now, about half of that number need school uniforms.”

43 of these children have requested help with school supplies, backpacks and uniforms.

“We’re really asking for brand new uniforms,” Adelsberger said. “It’s really important to the children that they still have a tag on them, quite often these kids have never had anything new, and so that makes it really special for them. We really ask for a sturdy backpack for all 43 of these children. They also need everything, think about what you had to take when you went to elementary school. Crayons, scissors, pink erasers, binders, paper, paper, paper, so much paper these kids go through.”

Providing these materials prepares the kids for success while they may be dealing with transitions and loss.

“It’s a great way for our community to reach out and show these children that they’re not forgotten, that their city loves them. It helps them start the school year right,” said Adelsberger.

To help, you can find the shopping list on their website — or let the association shop for you. You can donate financially to any Bank of Jackson branch.

“Last year, we actually were given enough supplies that we had some for the entire school year,” Adelsberger said. “So as children came into foster care in the middle of a school year, we were able to show up the next day and bring everything that they needed. And so right now we’re trying to stock back up.”

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