1972 time capsule to be opened in Carroll County July 15

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — A piece of history will be unveiled in Carroll County next week.

The time capsule buried fifty years ago as part of the county’s Sesquicentennial celebration will be opened on Friday, July 15.

Carroll County Mayor Joseph Butler says the time capsule was buried at the county court house lawn on July 28, 1972, and invites all residents to join in the moment celebrating the community’s history.

A release states that the time capsule is a burial vault estimated to weigh 3,500 pounds when empty. It’s scheduled to be opened at 10:15 a.m. at the Carroll County Civic Center’s exhibit building, located at 201 Fairgrounds Road in Huntingdon. There, the contents are expected to be removed, announced and categorized.

Plans will be made to exhibit the items, but planning could take two to three weeks since the specific contents and the exact conditions of the items are unknown.

Officials remind residents that the integrity of the vault could have been compromised over the last fifty years and the items may be in poor condition.

For more information, contact the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce at (731) 986-4664.

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