Dream Center breaks ground on new location

JACKSON, Tenn. —¬†The Dream Center of Jackson broke ground on Friday for its new facility, expanding its mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness.

“It’s for our new 36,000 square foot building, transitional housing facility for women and children that find their self homeless due to all kinds of different crises in their life,” said Gail Gustafson, the Executive Director of the Dream Center.

Residents, city and state leaders all joined to see first hand where the new building will be. Gustafson says this has been in the planning for six years after the nonprofit lost their old building in 2016.

Thanks to Northside Assembly Church of God, who donated the land, this was finally made into a reality.

“The church gave us 11 and a half acres. Randy Carter initiated this when he was the pastor here, and this church with Pastor Vick has just followed suit. And they are just great supporters of the Dream Center,” Gustafson said.

Lead Pastor of Northside Assembly, JP Vick says what the nonprofit does for its struggling community has touched many and the church is happy to lend a helping hand.

“I think ultimately, it was the vision. It was the vision and seeing the effectiveness that this ministry has at helping women and children rebuild their lives. It was a very easy vision to latch onto and for people to get a heart for,” Vick said.

Gustafson says this new building will give the nonprofit the tools to create the lasting effect of helping as many women and children as possible.

“Just like in our old building, where the ladies that have been there a while. They mentor the ladies that are just coming in, and they help them with their children. And to be able to be back in one building so that we’re all together and not spread out all over Jackson will be an absolute godsend,” Gustafson said.

Gustafson says phase one will take between eight to nine months. The nonprofit still needs a little over a million dollars before entering into phase two.

You can donate on their website, or in person.

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