Denmark resident celebrates a milestone birthday

DENMARK, Tenn. –Lessie Cole was born on July 10, 1920, marking today as her 102nd birthday.

Cole has been on this earth for a long time and there are so many memories for her to look back on.

She says growing up back then and how she lives now are completely different. When she was growing up, she could remember having to walk to almost every place she wanted to go to, let it be school, church, the store or anything else.

She emphasizes how everything used to be more community oriented like going to church or even school.

“And when Sunday comes, you know what you’re going to wear to church, because you don’t have but one Sunday dress. You only got one Sunday dress you going to wash that dress Saturday and starch it and iron it and have it ready for Sunday, and go to church. You going to walk to church too. You walk in one pair of shoes and tote the other pair to put on when you get there, I’m telling the truth!”

Cole was able to celebrate her birthday around loved ones, and eat her pink and purple cakes.

Here at WBBJ, Ms. Lessie Cole we’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more!

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