Ep. 1 • Arts Backstage • 05-10-22

Visit the Jackson Art Council‘s Arts Backstage with Lou Harper as we interview Lizzie Emmons, the Executive Director, and Andrew Boks, the curator.

Backstage Arts was hosted on May 10th, 2022 at 5:30pm, in downtown Jackson, TN at the Ned.


Backstage Arts Logo • Dana & Renee Worley • Cynthia Wright, Andrew Boks, Kandence Cloud • Gena Mandle, Rose Mary LaGrange-Brown, Frank Lawrence


Chloe Alexander, Jennifer Alexander, Karen Holder • Marda Wallace, Chris & Melissa Todd, Michelle Reddick • William Burke, Tisha Ewing, Jennifer Beebe • Darryl & Darlette Samuels, Frank McMeen


Carolyn Cunningham, Lisa Tillman, Kelly Christoferson, Andrea Donaldson • Lakyn Bowman, Ashley Akerson • Greg Carson, Jonathan Allen • Cliff Martin, Jonathan Tyus


Alex Reed, Sherry Freeman • Thom & Jamie Corley, FrenCherry Miller • Sandra Johnson, Rose & Pamela Byrum • Jackson Arts Council Logo

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