Carroll County opens 1972 time capsule

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. —¬†On July 28, 1972, Carroll County residents put together a time capsule during their Sesquicentennial Celebration.

After 50 years, it was time to open it.

“We were forewarned from previous experiences of other communities opening up their vault to approach this cautiously optimistic, and we have done so. And it looks like some of our our fears are being realized,” said Carroll County Mayor Joseph Butler.

Although water damaged items in the capsule, residents reflected back on the day it was closed.

“Everybody showed up at the courthouse, and we all put something in the capsule. And we were supposed to open it in 50 years, and it was a real treat at the time. And I had my son with me and he was two-years-old,” said Jane Bannister, the Sesquicentennial Queen.

“They had a bike race for the sesquicentennial. I was in it with my brother, Tim McMinn. And he came in second, I came in fourth. I was the only girl, so I got a medal,” said Vickie McMinn-Hampton, a Carroll County resident.

“You have a lot of people that were here then at that time that experienced it, and are here today, excited in that way. You’ve got family members that were there that know that their family was a part of this, and they’re here today,” Butler said. “Of course, we’ve got people new to our community that are just very curious and interested and excited in that respect as well.”

Bannister remembers the personal items she kept in the capsule.

“I put pictures, I put a letter to the citizens of Carroll County, I put letters to my children,” Bannister said.

Although none of her items were salvaged, she hopes the few things preserved will give the people of Carroll County a glimpse of history.

“We had a very special group of Carroll Countians 50 years ago, led by the Carroll County Historical Society that put this in place, many of them knowing that they wouldn’t experience July 2022. So they did that knowing that this was for future generations. That let them know how special this community has been to so many people before us,” Butler said.

Butler says there are talks of burying another time capsule to show future generations just how special their community is.

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