Local museum hosts first cultural event

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. –One group is hosting the first African American Festival in a local city.

The festival was held at the Stigall Museum in Humboldt.

The museum was once a black only school and park.

The festival was held to remember the history and teach children about the foundation of the community.

The festival has food, music, bounce houses and games for everyone.

The goal is to not only have a good time but to teach the youth about the history, culture and opportunities Stigall gave to black students.

“We decided that we got to have something in our neighborhood and the history of Stigall and the alumni of Stigall, we had to bring something back for our kids and families, to let them know that this is the culture of what happened down here” said Leon McNeal, Vice mayor, Humboldt.

The festival ends at 7 p.m., so you still have time to visit the event.

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