Local shop shares tips on caring for your car in excessive heat

JACKSON, Tenn. — In the summertime, the inside of a vehicle can reach temperatures over 130 degrees.

However, there are a few ways to keep your car in good shape.

Car Heat

“Buy sun visors. The more that you can shield the sun from the car helps. So if you can keep your car in the garage versus outside and in direct heat, that definitely helps and slows down the amount of time it takes your AC system to cool your vehicle off,” said Joshua Burns Jr., with Old Hickory Auto Care Center.

Burns says there are different components of a car that help with the cooling system.

“Start with small things, like making sure your cabin air filter is clean and free of debris, which will be located inside your dash in most vehicles. Also, ensuring that your coolant system, talking about anti-freeze, is full and clean. Helps the car to keep the engine cool, but also affects the temperature inside of the vehicle and making sure that you have a properly working AC system,” Burns said.

To get your system checked, you’ll have to bring your vehicle to a certified auto repair shop.

If your air conditioning starts to run hot, it’s not too late. Repair shops have diagnostic tools and testing that help evaluate the problem and find out what repairs need to be taken to get everything back in tip top shape.

“When you’re having your AC system checked out, we can evaluate it for life and longevity so that you’re not fighting with the heat more or less. The AC systems are designed to keep passengers and also the compartment of the vehicle at a certain temperature. So that affects the electronics in the vehicle, that affects the dash from cracking and wear, and other components breaking down from too much excessive heat,” Burns said.

Old Hickory Car Care Center recommends to get your vehicle checked by a certified auto repair shop at the beginning of every season.

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