Tennessee Bureau of Investigation releases 2021 ‘Crime in Tennessee’ publication

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has released their 2021 ‘Crimes in Tennessee’ publication. This publication gives detailed reports on the volume and nature of crimes within different city counties and more.

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Group A offenses include crimes against people, property, or society. Examples of Group B offenses are disorderly conduct, DUI’s, trespassing and more.

In Gibson county there were 771 offenses, and 397 of those have been solved.

For Madison county there were 1,486 total offenses. A majority of those stem from drug and narcotic violations, with 346 offenses and 211 drug and narcotic equipment violations. Out of all of these 64.74 percent have been solved.

As for the Jackson police department, there were more than seven thousand offenses total in the city and only 2,818 of those offenses have been solved. 

The City of Jackson is home to more than 67 thousand residents. Most of the city’s Group A offenses stem from aggravated assault, with 1,437 offenses reported. A little more than two thousand adults and 156 juveniles made up the overall 2021 Group A offenses.

There have been a total of 2,225 arrests made by the Jackson police department.

In the state of Tennessee, there was an overall total of 502,706 Group A offenses reported in 2021, meaning a 1.38 percent decrease from 2020.

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