Museum takes local residents back in time

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. –A local town is taking its residents back in time with a historical museum.

In honor of Huntingdon’s Bicentennial Celebration, through a collaborative effort between the bicentennial committee and town employees, the soft opening of the Huntingdon Museum was held Saturday to showcase the history of the area.

“There’s a lot to see and we tried to consolidate it, so if there’s something particularly you’re interested in, you could go to that room,” said Melissa Powell, Co-chair, Bicentennial Committee.

Powell says most of the items you will see in the building are from a previous museum that have been taken out of storage.

Some of the items have also been loaned or donated from residents in the community.

“And it’s our hope that after people visit this today, that those folks that have things at home from their ancestors, from around Huntingdon, maybe this will spur them on to donate that or loan that to the museum, so that others can enjoy it,” Powell said.

Also Co-chair of the Bicentennial Committee, Johnny Beth Nolen says organizers hope the museum will show the younger generation just how much was achieved by those in Huntingdon before them.

“It’s just important for our younger citizens to know the history of their hometown,” Nolen said.

“When they come in here, they are going to see things that are going to spur conversation and interest, so that’s what we want to see happen. We want to see them interested in their ancestors and in our forefathers and what they were able to do here. We love Huntingdon. I think they did a great job starting it and we hope that we can do a great job continuing it,” Powell said.

Organizers don’t have a scheduled opening date for the museum just yet, but on August 6th, the committee is hosting ‘Stories of the Past and the Present’ at the Dixie.

It will be in downtown Huntingdon at 2 in the afternoon.

The museum will be open for one hour following that event.

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