Benton Co. authorities make readiness a priority

BENTON CO.,Tenn. –With students heading back to school, Benton county authorities are making sure they are prepared for any emergency.

Seconds count in any emergency…

And after the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, local law enforcement are making sure officers in Tennessee are one step ahead, if they ever come face to face with a similar situation.

“We’re going to be helping assist the Benton county and local responders here in the active killer event, you know just trying to give them some ways to deal with an active killer on some protocols that we have in place in Dickson,” said Todd Christian, Capt, Dickson Police Department.

Christian says they provide this training to their officers and those that might not have the resources.

Christian says they cover a standard procedure as well as educate them on different scenarios.

“Just make sure that they understand how to respond to an active killer. What would the difference between an active killer and a barricaded subject look like, and how to address those both,” Christian said.

Benton county authorities included police, sheriff, and school officials, as well as Camden Fire and EMA, participating in the training.

He says along with the active killer situation, you also have to think about other aspects of the scene.

“It’s one of these situations to where when an event happened, you’re going to have the parents, grandparents and all come in. So they’re going to have to be directed somewhere, so that you’re not involved in this type of scene here,” Christian said.

Along with the proper training for this type of situation, Christian says the public can also play a crucial role in keeping students and staff safe.

“If they hear or see something, say something. They can contact the authorities, the school administration, and let them know of any potential threat they may have in their area. The quicker we can start investigating it, the safer everybody is going to be,” Christian said.

Christian says if any other law enforcement agency would like to receive the training, they are more than willing to make that happen.

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