Inflation puts strain on pet-owning families, shelters

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Prices have been increasing for months, leading to difficult financial situations for many people, including families, children, and even pets.

“It’s been a year. We’ve had a lot more intake and a lot more calls, that sort of thing,” said Brandy Dennison, the Assistant Director of Frances Halbrook Hensley Animal Shelter.

Dennison says that not only have adoptions in the shelter slowed down, but donations have stopped coming in as well. Dennison says this makes it difficult as a shelter who functions off those donations.

“We have noticed that donations have slowed down since the inflation, and our dog adoptions have slowed down,” Dennison said.

The shelter often remains at full capacity, holding around 40 pets, but they have even more waiting to come in.

“Twenty-three dogs and around 16 cats. And we stay that way most of the time. We have a waiting list as well when we can’t get them all in, and we have about 50 waiting,” Dennison said.

And on top of the full capacity shelter, adoptions have dropped significantly as well.

“Sometimes we would do up to six to 10 adoptions a week. Now I’m going to say maybe three to four a week,” Dennison said.

Owning a pet is more expensive now than ever with increasing food prices, vaccines and additional pet care. But if you’re wanting to adopt, you can call or visit the shelter to check out the available animals.

They can be reached by phone at (731) 249-9443. You can also visit their website for available pets:

The shelter is located at 78 Mig Drive in Lexington.

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