Madison County Sheriff’s Office issues phone scam warning

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a phone scam.

According to the sheriff’s office, they’ve been notified of a scam involving a phone number that appears to be associated with them.

They say upon answering the call, people are being told that they failed to show up to court and owe a $3,600 fee for the violation. The caller also cites a warrant signed by Judge Blake Anderson, and informs victims they can go to the Courthouse or visit the sheriff’s office to pay their fee or they will be arrested.

The sheriff’s office says they do not make such calls to residents. They also say the caller provides a website for convenient payments, which again is something the sheriff’s office does not offer.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office confirms this as a scam, and urges residents to share this information to make others aware of the situation.

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