2022’s tax free weekend has shoppers in the stores

JACKSON, Tenn. — It’s the first day of tax free weekend 2022, and shoppers are already hitting the stores.

It’s the one time of year that Tennesseans have the opportunity to fulfill many of their back-to-school needs, minus the sales tax.

Tennesseans can purchase clothing, school supplies and computers from Friday to Sunday for the price they see on the sticker and nothing more.

The tax holiday is honored in store and online.

There are a few stipulations, such as general clothing items must cost less than $100 each. School and art supplies also must total less than $100 an item. Computers, including laptops, are included if they cost $1,500 or less.

For students, this is the best time to get those items they’ll be taking inside the classroom for a reduced cost.

“I found like some notebooks, some pencils and binders, and stuff like that because I’m a senior. So I don’t really need like school supplies. So the things I did find, they were tax free. They didn’t charge me taxes for them. I was kind of excited about that because I didn’t even know it was tax free weekend,” said Jamarion Brown, a student shopper.

Some stores like Kohl’s are even offering discounts before the tax free deduction. Shoppers say the weekend stands as a slight relief from recent inflation costs.

“It’s pretty good. I mean, you know for people that can’t afford so much, they can get it,” said Bilal Elhamamsi, a student shopper. “I’m getting some backpacks, some pencils, paper, a whole bunch of stuff.”

Surprisingly, a lot of the people that we spoke with on Friday had no idea it was tax free weekend, but they say they’re definitely going to take advantage in the upcoming days.

This tax free weekend will last until Sunday.

But for the month of August, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase food and food ingredients tax free.

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