Six-year-old sworn into law enforcement family

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — The Dyersburg Police Department swore in an important new officer.

Six-year-old Charlie Penrose was diagnosed with leukemia at just one years old.

“We kind of spent the first three years working through every Thursday at St. Jude, which was a little bit of a handful. Once he came out of that, he is still kind of recovering. He’s mending very well, and he’s extremely athletic and outgoing,” said Iain Penrose, the father of Charlie Penrose.

Charlie Penrose was selected by Make-A-Wish to fulfill whatever wish he would like. He chose to become a Dyersburg police officer.

“He has always kind of wanted to ever since he was younger. He’s always kind of admired them and wanted to be engaged with them, even with the school resource officers and all that type of stuff,” Iain Penrose said.

Friday morning, Dyersburg Police Chief Steve Isbell administered the department’s oath of office for Charlie Penrose.

“It’s always special when we get to administer the oath of office to the new police officer at Dyersburg Police Department, or any law enforcement agency. Today is extremely special for several reasons, but most importantly, because Charlie is a survivor,” Isbell said.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge, Mark Reynolds also swore in Penrose as a task force officer.

And Dyersburg Mayor John Holden welcomed Charlie Penrose to the Dyersburg law enforcement family.

“We’re so proud for Charlie, and we’re proud that he’s healthy, and strong, and a part of our now police family. So we’re proud of you,” Isbell said.

Charlie Penrose’s first task as a police officer was to lead a Dyersburg parade. Dyer County residents lined the streets to cheer on the department’s newest and finest officer.

His parents say he will now be focusing on his education and the upcoming school year.

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