Students return to class for the new school year in Hardin County

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Hardin County students started returning to class on Monday to begin the new school year.

Students Return To Class For The New School Year In Hardin County

“Super excited. It’s one of the most exciting times of the school year to get started off and to see the smiling faces of our students and teachers,” said Michael Davis, the Director of Schools for Hardin County.

Hardin County has continued their staggered schedule for the first week of classes this week. But they anticipate seeing everyone in the classroom by Thursday, Aug. 4.

“To let our bus drivers, our cafeteria staff, and our teachers ease into that for a day or two on a modified schedule, where everyone is not in the building all at one time,” Davis said.

The staff and students at East Hardin Elementary School are preparing for one sweet year, and with a theme to match.

“You’ll see as you go through the building that we adopt a theme each year, and this year we’ve got one that we think that the students will like and the teachers will like as well: a Candyland theme,” said Todd Buczynski, the Principal of East Hardin Elementary School.

Davis says one more sweet thing about the upcoming year is the sense of normalcy returning.

Students Return To Class For The New School Year In Hardin County

“Hand sanitizers throughout the buildings, and we have masks available. You’ll see some students still choose to wear a mask, and those are available to no cost, obviously. They’re here throughout the building,” Davis said.

While the school is keeping a few precautions issued from the pandemic, other parts of the school system are seeing no restrictions.

“Just like we left off. We had a really successful last year or two from most of our sports programs, and we hope to keep building on that and continuing. But really no restrictions on that,” Davis said.

Overall, Davis says he is excited for all of the school’s upcoming years, and he thanks the community for all the support.

Students Return To Class For The New School Year In Hardin County

“Thanks to the community for being so supportive. We have a tremendous back-to-school support from our community for our teachers and our students,” Davis said.

Most of the school district’s open houses are already finished, but the high school’s open house will be held this Thursday.

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