Advocate talks about protecting kids from online threats

JACKSON, Tenn. — In a world where cyber life is constantly expanding, Avast is making an effort to keep us well informed on how we can stay protected online.

Avast is a company that specializes in cyber security, and Emma McGowan is an online privacy and security advocate with the company.

She explained how we can take simple steps to keep our children safe online.

“Being proactive looks like starting really early with conversations about online safety, online privacy, and you can make it fun. It doesn’t have to be a big scary thing. You can make it fun by really paying attention and saying, ‘Can you show me what you are doing in Minecraft? What are you looking at on TikTok?’ Like I want to see too. And having that be time you spent together,” McGowan said.

Once you start to have those age-appropriate conversations on the importance of data security with your children, it’s important to check the settings of the browsers and technology you’re using. This will help create a solid online defense.

Avast has multiple security programs to help keep you protected. You can check them out here.

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