Company makes dorm room decorating easier

JACKSON, Tenn. — Parents, shopping for dorm room decor just got easier.


Dormify is a company that excels in bridging the gap for students dorm aesthetic and a parents economic mindset.

When looking for the perfect dorm attire you want to incorporate both personality and longevity.

Amanda Zuckerman, the co-founder & CEO of Dormify, informed us that adding small pieces, like pillows, that can be easily be changed can be the one of the key items keeping your dorm looking fresh and cost efficient.

“What Dormify really aims to do is help make the college shopping experience and that transition into that freshman year as easy and stylish as possible,” Zuckerman said.

Zuckerman adds Dormify has now partnered with Pearson+, allowing students the opportunity to access necessary resources with a subscription of $15 a month.

Students can choose from a variety of options such as ebooks, study materials, tutorials and more.

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