West Tennesseans address overdoses at local community center

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local community members came together to bring awareness to an alarming cause.

West Tennesseans came at the Walter Brewer-Bemis Community Center for a day of fellowship with various speaker topics, crafts, health, fitness, wellness, nutrition information, and fun activities.

The topic discussed was overdoses in the aging community. They talked about how to recognize overdose, overdose statistics, and how and why overdose is affecting aging Americans.

“A lot of times someone may be crying out for help or people don’t know how to ask for help, so we know that doing this time is very important for us to reach out and educate our community,” said Bridgett Parham, the Recreation Manager for Jackson Recreation and Parks.

The National Overdose Awareness Program and Candlelight is scheduled for Aug. 31 at Unity Park from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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