TN Secretary of State warns of scam targeting business owners

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — State officials are warning business owners about a scam that has resurfaced in Tennessee.

Courtesy: TN Secretary of State

Secretary of State Tre Hargett says the scam targets businesses with a deceptive mailer from a company that goes by TN Certificate of Existence Filing Company.

Hargett says there have been multiple complaints regarding the scam, which implies that Tennessee businesses must have a Certificate of Existence.

The misleading mailer claims all businesses in the state are required to pay $175.50 for this third-party company to step in and complete the proper paperwork on the businesses’ behalf.

Hargett says a Certificate of Existence is only necessary for businesses in certain circumstances, such as loan closing or other transactions, and are not required as a matter of course during the business formation process.

“Business owners don’t need to waste their hard-earned money on a document that may not be necessary or would only cost $20 through our office,” Hargett said.

Those who wish to obtain a Certificate of Existence can do so through the Secretary of State’s Office. Click here for more information.

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