AJ Massey, Doris Black attend their last School Board meeting

JACKSON, Tenn. — The first Jackson-Madison County School Board meeting of the academic school year was held Thursday and recognized two departing school board members.

Election Day has come and gone, with newly elected commissioners, mayor, sheriff, school board members and more.

Two members of a local school board were recognized for their contributions to the board over the years.

The School Board held their annual meeting. It lasted less than 15 minutes due to there only being a few important items on the agenda, including special recognition.

“We got a nice kind of send off from our school board service. Doris Black and I have been on the school board since 2018, and so tonight was our last school board meeting as board members. Moving on to just a different phase of life and moving on to different things,” said former School Board member AJ Massey.

AJ Massey and Doris Black are two school board members who will no longer serve on the board after Thursday.

Massey is now the newly elected mayor of Madison County and Black is being replaced by newly elected Harvey Walden.

“I feel a little sad because I’m going to leave them because we were coming together as a force, and the things that we have been doing and are still doing is going to benefit all of students and the teachers. So that is a sad moment, but then the exhilaration of what is coming next is a happy moment,” Black said.

Both Black and Massey served since 2018. In 2020, Dr. Marlon King become the superintendent, giving both Massey and Black a chance to see a shift in the school district during their time.

“He seemed to know, and I said this young man really knows how to get educators excited, he knows what to do with our students, and then the ball really started rolling. We started doing remarkable things, and I am just so happy to be a part of that,” Black said.

Although both Black and Massey are no longer on the school board, both say they strive to take what they’ve gained from being on the board and apply it to what’s to come.

“The next board coming in, the next two board members jump on board and hang on. Don’t be a speed bump, but be a rocket behind them and let things keep going. Trust our superintendent, trust our leadership, and do your job well,” Massey said.

“I just want to thank the community for supporting me, getting behind me, and again, I want them to know that I have not gone far. I will still be around supporting and advocating,” Black said.

For Black, she wouldn’t tell me her plans for what’s next, but she does say for the next step she is going to be of service, which she says is something she does best.

For Massey, he will soon take the seat as Madison County mayor on Sept. 1.

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