Closing ceremony held for Bicentennial Celebration

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Celebration has been going on all year to celebrate 200 years of city and county history.

Bicentennial Choir And Orchestra

Guests filled the seats as the Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial hosted the closing ceremony, featuring the Bicentennial Choir and Orchestra.

“We have our closing ceremony for the Bicentennial and the fantastic choirs performance, 150 members in the choir, 23 members in the orchestra. It’s going to be an epic night,” said Elaine Christian, Chair of the Bicentennial Celebration.

The Bicentennial Choir is made up of individuals from around the community, all coming together to appreciate their love for Jackson-Madison County.

“We’ve got pieces from people who lived in Jackson or taught at universities here in Jackson, as well as some that just have ties to Jackson, like the Ballad of Casey Jones, or obviously Jackson. And we’ll wrap that action up with Blue Suede Shoes,” said Austin Clark, the Musical Conductor of the Bicentennial Choir.

The ceremony began with remarks from sponsors and thank yous to everyone who was involved with this year’s events. The event also debuted the latest design of the Jackson flag.

Bicentennial Choir And Orchestra

“So excited to have put in this work for this year to be able to come together this weekend, beautiful weather. What more could we ask for? But is an exciting and historic time for Jackson,” Christian said

“Everybody brings their own gifts and talents. And one person sings, if it’s great, that’s good. But a lot of times we aren’t always perfect by ourselves. But when we pull all of our gifts and talents together and try and hone that and perfect it, then we come up with this incredible product and we’re excited with what we’re about to do tonight,” Clark said.

This ceremony is the kickoff to an event-filled weekend with even more Bicentennial events that will bring the entire community together in downtown Jackson.

Saturday’s events continue with the Bicentennial Parade, the burial of a time capsule, and concert at the Ballpark. Find their events here.

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