Many employees transition back to in-person working

JACKSON, Tenn. — As COVID-19 restrictions lift and employers are back in-person, many people are starting to transition from working at home to back at the office.

Working At Home

Experts say, currently, there are two job openings for each unemployed person, making the power of the hiring process in the hands of the employee.

However, according to Jake Clopton, President of Clopton Capital, the Federal Reserve is trying to close the gap between unemployed people and job openings.

“There starts to be more unemployed people with job openings. You can kind of see how that power can go back into the hands of the employers, and they want people to come back into the office. So I think that is one of the major drivers of what is going to cause that work from home trend to really start tapering off,” Clopton said.

Clopton says making the transition back to in-person will be cost effective with inflation rates being on the rise.

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