Residents join in historic bicentennial event

JACKSON, Tenn. –This weekend is full of events including a historic burial of the Bicentennial Time Capsule.

History is being made here at Bicentennial Park with the Jackson Madison County Bicentennial Time Capsule being buried today, and in 50 years will be seen by people here in the Hub City.

“We had some heart break with the one that was buried fifty years ago, so we have pulled out all the stops. We’ve had a wonderful group of volunteers, real professional engineers, and this is a custom built, purpose built, time capsule,” said Trey Cleek, Time Capsule Chairman, Bicentennial Commission.

To be able to withstand 50 years, the capsule has a concrete otter-box that has a built in drainage that ties into the city storm water system.

“An inner box also made of concrete, will house the stainless steel time capsule itself and that box. The stainless steel box has been welded shut, it was filled with an inert gas. All of these things are going to preserve the items inside and make sure that our time capsule survives the journey to 2072,” Cleek said.

“This one right here, its going to be protected, (Do you think in fifty years, it will be fine?) Oh yea, if I live that long,” Cleek said.

The Bicentennial Commission took submissions for the capsule months ago. And although some didn’t get the chance to put anything in the capsule, many attended just to see and be a part of history.

“I will be 87 if I’m alive then, so I’m hoping to be alive to see it be brought back up, because it was really good and a good feeling to be here today to watch this,” said Brittany Wood, attendee.

Once the capsule was sealed, attendees were able to capture their own piece of history by throwing dirt into the memories preserved.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it is very good to participate in something that will never be done again,” Wood said.

Today was filled with bicentennial events and the celebration will continue tonight at the ballpark with free of charge performances from LoLo and the the Commodores.

The show will end the night with fireworks, it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

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