Jackson Boxing Club open to new members

JACKSON, Tenn. — An historic part of Jackson’s past is being revived and getting the younger generation active.

Obie Beard, the Head Coach of the Jackson Boxing Club, is no stranger to the benefits the club can provide, as he was a boxer during Jackson’s boxing heyday.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Jackson Police Department, Beard has revived the club and is now taking on new boxers for free.

“If you can bring your kids down to the Jackson Boxing Club, give them a sport to learn, if nothing more just to protect yourself, just get in shape, protect yourself, and travel. If they do it right, if they utilize this sport right, they can travel all over this world,” Obie said.

Beard’s long-term goals for the club includes getting fraternity and sorority students to come to club and helping students with homework.

The club is open Monday through Friday and is accepting both potential boxers and helpers. Classes are at 96 O’Neal Street in Jackson.

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