Toys can bridge gap between learning, fun

JACKSON, Tenn. — From little kids who use their imaginations to create the best stories, to the teenager who prefers a more mentally sustaining game, plenty of games can be used for learning.

Story Time Chess can transform into a full-size, story-time chess match. Elizabeth Werner, a lifestyle expert, explained the benefits of starting with these toys now.

“They’re actually learning science, critical thinking skills when it comes to learning and playing chess. Thinking, problem solving, all of the things that are built in that we know as parents, but the kids, they have no idea. They’re just playing and having fun,” Werner said.

Werner says there are a wide range of resources, such as a Leapfrog Magic Adventures Microscope, backpacks, water bottles, and even fruit bars by Pure Organic to help your child on their learning experience as they go back to school.

Werner also says PayPal has an option to pay later, that way you can still get your needed supplies for your child while keeping it affordable for your family.

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