Jackson’s new Downtown Director to help continue area’s growth

JACKSON, Tenn. — Downtown Jackson is open for business!

The need for someone to bridge the gap between small businesses and civilians looking to engage in a more special downtown experience has been heard.

TheCO has introduced Beth Ann Simpson as Jackson’s Downtown Director.

The soul of the city has been expanding through businesses that are moving into the downtown area. From coffee shops, bakeries, plant stores, boutiques and more, once again life is being breathed into this historic area of Jackson.

“They want people down here and they want them to be successful, and so I think there is just a lot of people all thinking in that direction, to try to alleviate barriers, and get people down here, and I just think it’s a great time,” Simpson said. “I would hate for people to miss the opportunity.”

One of Beth Ann’s focuses will include looking at reinstating the Main Street accreditation. This will allow more resources for current downtown businesses, and those to come in the future.

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