Volleyball team gets training from fire department

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Union University Volleyball team stepped into the shoes of the Jackson Fire Department on Friday to practice working as a team.

“Teach them some team dynamics, go through some workouts that we would put our recruits through, some firefighting drills. We do that to help implement working as a team and different things,” said Jana Compton, a Training Officer for the Jackson Fire Department.

The training consisted of different physically strenuous workouts. One was a search and rescue drill, where they relied on each other to complete it safely, and a fire hose competition. Compton says the goal is to lean on your teammates.

“It just lets you work together. Anytime you get stressed out, you are tired, you automatically get a little bit irritable and your teammates just pick you up and help you finish for one goal. You have one goal at the end of the day,” Compton said.

And whether it is fighting fires or dominating the court, Coach Stephen Vick says working as a team comes first.

“What we are going to be able to achieve this year through a team. With volleyball, you have six girls on the court, and so many things have to happen together in unison to work,” Stephen Vick said.

Players say that the experience was challenging, but brought them closer as a team. They say they are ready to bring it to the court.

“You really do need to rely on your teammates to help pick you up when you are tired. I think just talking to each other has really helped us push through,” said Jordan Vick, a senior Union University volleyball player.

“Being a constant source of encouragement just out there on the court and bringing it here. I just think that it really does show the reliability of one another,” said Emily Grace Calhoon, a senior Union University volleyball player.

“This is hard stuff. Even in games we go through hard rallies and all that, so just being able to take this from off the court and really implement it on the court, I think it is going to be really awesome,” said Sydney Samples, a senior Union University volleyball player.

Stephen Vick says they are grateful to the Jackson Fire Department for providing the opportunity.

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