Nashville man cited for allegedly spray-painting bridge

TUPELO, Miss. — A 20-year-old from Nashville is getting a clean-up bill for allegedly spray-painting a bridge.

Photo from the National Park Service

The National Park Service says that the man was seen by one of their employees on a TN 96 bridge on Natchez Trace Parkway, who then reported it to law enforcement.

Deputies from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office arrived and detained the man until NPS law enforcement arrived.

The release says the man was cited for several violations, including trespassing and vandalism, with the man also facing the bill for cleanup of the graffiti.

“The Natchez Trace Parkway’s designed landscape and scenery contribute to its status as a national park. Graffiti degrades the scenery and has a negative impact on the visitor experience. The NPS’s mission is to protect cultural and natural resources that belong to the American public. Our goal is to ensure this type of destruction doesn’t happen,” said Natchez Trace Parkway Chief of Resource Management Chris Smith.

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