UT president travels to spread the word about UT Promise

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — A statewide tour promoting the University of Tennessee Promise began on Tuesday.

UT President Randy Boyd traveled to seven area high schools to increase awareness about the UT Promise program.

UT Promise is a last-dollar scholarship program that guarantees free tuition and fees after other financial aid is received. That includes Pell Grants or Hope Scholarships for undergraduate students in the state.

Boyd spoke with Dyersburg High School juniors and seniors to share about the opportunities the UT Promise can provide. He says he wants students and their families to know going to school in Tennessee is more affordable than you think.

“Often times they’re told if you go to college, it’s going to cost a fortune and you’re going to graduate with a lot of debt. Over 50 percent of the students that go to UT graduate with zero debt. Most graduate with very little debt, and so we got to make sure that they understand that not only can they get a great education, but they can afford it too,” Boyd said.

Boyd says as an advocate for the UT Promise, he feels it is their responsibility to make education affordable and serve the people of Tennessee.

The tour will cover more than 27 high schools across the state. Last fall, the UT system extended the household income level for UT Promise scholarship recipients from $50,000 to $60,000

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